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   H O M E               
  C O N G A         
  T U M B A            
  Q U I N T O        
  B O N G O S     
  B A T A    
  D R U M M I N G   
  C O N T A C T       

   Obini Bata
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Bata Variation: 1-piece kiaat shell. Cowhide heads.

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>1-piece shells - superior acoustics.

>Traditional African drummaking wood used.
>Handcarved shells
>Shells are well oiled for longevity.

>Naturally cured skins.
>Skins thicker and stronger than processed precut skins.
>Authentic sound.

>Hardware designed specifically for thicker skins.
>Hardware made by hand, industrial strength.

>Okonkolo - small
>Itotele - medium
>Iya - large

After much research, finding that everyone has different sizes for Bata, a set of Cuban Bata was chosen for the traditional sizes. Their shapes and sizes differ from most other Bata, although there are similarities.

>j-Bata: a variation on traditional Bata, using Kiaat wood. 1-piece shell and 10mm hooks. A combination of the okonkolo and Itotele.
Custom made hardware can be chromed ar brassed.
If you could only have one Bata this should be it!

"Your Bata is my favourite drum to pull out and jam with!" - Professional Percussionist.


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