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                    "SONIQUE PROFUNDO!"

 -Custom Congas-


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   H O M E               
  C O N G A         
  T U M B A            
  Q U I N T O        
  B O N G O S     
  B A T A    
  D R U M M I N G   
  C O N T A C T       

   Obini Bata
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Afro-Cuban bongo drums
Afro-Cuban Bongo

Handmade. 7" and 9" heads. Afro-Cuban bongo.

bongo close-up - one piece shell
One Piece Afro-Cuban Bongo.


afro-cuban bongo Bongos


> One piece shells deliver superior acoustics.

> Traditional African drummaking wood.
> Handcarved shells
> Shells are cured and treated for longevity.

> Naturally cured skins.
> Skins thicker and stronger than processed precut skins.
> Authentic sound.

> Hardware designed specifically for thicker skins.
> Hardware made by hand, industrial strength.
> Hardware innovations maximise the   tension that can be exerted on the head.
> Chromed/Brassplated Hardware optional.

> Macho (small drum) - 7" (170mm) head with 4 tuning lugs.
> Hembra (large drum) - 8.75" (220mm) head with 4 tuning lugs.

> Respective Bongo head thicknesses are based on Cuban bongos. Which gives more tonal difference between the 2 drums.

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