Handmade Congas

                    "SONIQUE PROFUNDO!"

 -Custom Congas-


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   H O M E           
  C O N G A            
  T U M B A            
  Q U I N T O        
  B O N G O S     
  B A T A     
  D R U M M I N G   
  C O N T A C T       

   Obini Bata
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The Conga

1-piece shell - superior   acoustics.
The 1 piece Shell is much stronger than a staved drum.

Traditional African drummaking    wood used.
Handcarved shells
Shells are well oiled for longevity.
Naturally cured cowskin.
Skins are thicker and stronger than processed precut skins.
Authentic sound.

10 mm Hardware designed specifically for   thicker skins.
Hardware made by hand, industrial strength.
Hardware innovations maximise the   tension that can be exerted on the   head.
12" (30cm) head with 6 tuning lugs.

Woody African Sound.
Congas evaluated by Professional Percussionists.
Range and depth of sound that is unrivalled by factory made Congas.

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Conga - 12" head

Conga - 12" head, natural cowskin. 1-piece shell.

Custom Congas are made for serious players, who want authentic sound.
The nature of these drums is such that they prove difficult for a beginner to play, since it is more difficult to extract the correct sounds.

However in the hands of an experienced player the drum is extremely responsive, offering as much range and depth as one could wish for. A drum that rewards good technique with great sound.

Another feature of these Congas is that they have excellent bass tones. this is the result of the 1-piece shell.

The tones are rich and melodic, while the slaps have as much range as one's technique allows for, from subtle pops to piercing slaps.


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