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                    "SONIQUE PROFUNDO!"

 -Custom Congas-


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   H O M E               
  C O N G A         
  T U M B A            
  Q U I N T O        
  B O N G O S     
  B A T A    
  D R U M M I N G   
  C O N T A C T       

   Obini Bata
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Super Quinto - 10" Super Quinto - 10"
Super Quinto - 10" Super Quinto - 10"
Super Quinto - 10" Head - Super Quinto - 10"

The Quinto


>1-piece shell - superior acoustics.
>Shell is much stronger than a staved drum.

>Traditional African drummaking wood used.
>Handcarved shells
>Shells are well oiled for longevity.

>Naturally cured cowskin.
>Skins thicker and stronger than processed precut skins.
>Authentic sound.

>Hardware made by hand, industrial strength.
>Hardware innovations maximise the   tension that can be exerted on the head.
>Chromed Hardware optional.

>Quinto - 11" head with 5 tuning lugs.
>Quinto - 10" head with 5 tuning lugs.
>Super Quinto - shorter 10" quinto.

>Authentic Conga inspired by African and Cuban drum-making & drumming.
>Congas evaluated by Professionals.
>Longer life expectancy for thicker   natural heads. Sound doesn't deteriorate over time, but improves with playing.

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