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Welcome to handmade conga

Custom Congas

South Africa's only Conga maker, traditionally congas originate in Cuba, a descendant of African drums, But after years of research and development, the Conga returns to Africa. Another step in the evolution of the Conga.

But what makes the African Conga special?
--> Hand carved 1-piece Shells.
African wood. Strong shells.
Naturally cured skins.
Industrial strength Hardware.
--> Authentic Afro-cuban sound.
Javier Cuza, Cuba
"Very traditional and authentic...Excellent harmonics...Sonique Profundo! (Profound Sound)" - Javier Cuza, Cuba.

conga hardwareWhy choose Custom Congas?

With many years of drum making expertise, specialising in African drums. We thought a better Conga could be made using African Woods - one piece handcarved shells - with naturally cured african cowhides, and tuned with industrial strength hardware.

In Cuba, some Quintos (solo congas) are still carved from 1 piece shells..

The reasoning:
1 - the 1-piece shell is acoustically superior to a staved shell.
2 - african wood - excellent sound.
3- naturally cured skin is acoustically superior to processed/synthetic skin.

And then combining these elements with industrial strength hardware, which make for a superior sounding instrument, excellent for the stage and studio. These drums are for professional players looking for that unique sound..

Our Congas combine the best elements of African and Cuban drums. for truly authentic Afro-cuban sound.


Minel Melendez - Cuba
Minel West Melendez
chooses Custom Congas.

Multi-percussionist Minel - rated one of Cuba's top Bongoceros - uses a specially-made set of Custom Congas. --------------------------------------
Drum Making Innovations:
 2002: 220 litre Bass drum 
 2005: PVC Tama                 

  2005/7: Afro-cuban Conga
2007/8: Afro-cuban Bongo 
 2008: Afro-cuban Bata       

Sounds of the Bata - Play MP3

bongo Bongos!
The 1-piece Afro- Cuban Bongo.

NEW: Bata - in development!

Drumming for Team Building - interactive drumming for parties, drum performances, school drum workshops.


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